Saturday, June 2, 2007

What Makes Knowledge Management for Us?

In defining what makes knowledge management for us, we must value what "makes it" first. However, people don't know what "makes it" is. Think they came to believe that knowledge management is simply "having it all." Really it isn't. To illustrate this, have practice "A" with data. Edward Hampton viewed data something like this:

"Here the data is simply a point of reality. By itself, it has no meaning. Think of a dot or a point. What does the dot or point tell us. Nothing. Not until we are able to make a ‘line’, i.e. add another ‘point’ can pattern start to develop.”

As I view the above construct (pattern and/or line model), the data is transformed into information when we started to ask who, why, when, where, what, and how process; and see bits of thought forms. Then we tried to learn from this information, develop our understanding, know its meaning, and do the likely action, the practice "A". Often the data is developed and improved in practice "A," but when we use the data on practice "B", the data isn't useful anymore. By reason of, the data didn't fit with practice "B" - here the data stopped developing and improving; the data importance was over; and the data became worthless (lost its meaning) - not appropriate for practice "B".

Thus, knowledge management is not simply "having it all," such as: Managing knowledge, supervising knowledge, collecting knowledge, reinforcing knowledge, and/or likely action. By reason of, just like data, it is also a point of reality. By itself, it has no meaning. It tells us nothing, until we know its meaning and/or purpose - the premise.

The meaning of knowledge management can draw us to learn from it, understand it, and put it into practice. This includes sharing knowledge with others. The potential to have life of meaning and obtain wisdom from it can draw and encourage others, such as: Have focus, alignment, and etc. Another, it can keep knowledge management going and moving towards a new direction.

Moreover, What really makes knowledge management for us is to help us achieved the meaning. Here our empowerment to make a difference - a belief based on the meaning - drives knowledge management. Think right organization culture, effective communication, technology, leadership, management, special interest group, measuring the performance, and others are a mindset essentials only for knowledge management.

Further, you may read "People Who Changed the World" piece for Quoth - a knowledge management tool for strategic planning's meaning. Note the meaning is observed from the words of the Holy Father, John Paul II.

xxox: As for others who keep finding and/or knowing knowledge management meaning, the feeling of fear that others will steal your knowledge, in turn, it will be replaced by your joy while you're sharing what you have discovered with others. By reason of, others will come along to help, support, and/or guide you to find a new knowledge and achieve the meaning.

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very informative....

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